Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm learning how to cope with things now, sorta. ha. right vanessa? I'm allowed to be a bit bitter, but I'm actually doing okay and better. I always get into these little situations, fall down a little bit, and then get back up on my two feet. So I'm not too stressed. 

Other than that,
Life is good. School is going and tough. My social life? where did that go? HA Well well, look at the date, it is March 16th, it's my half birthday! 6 more months, see you at Disneyland and then Vegas in October. Lovesss it 

Okay, I gotta finish typing up notes. 

San Diego, April 3-5. Woohoo 

Sunday, March 1, 2009


It's March already? This is insane. The past two months have gone by so fast! 

So, I finally got my macbook last night. It's amazing. Well worth the money my 
Mama spent. So, now, Clariz,  Jo, & I can ICHAT! I'm kinda excited. HA. 

This is definitely a lot better than my other laptop. Woohoo. 

Okay, I gotta get ready for work.

& I'm on spring break, LET'S GO TO THE BEACH!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

So, I've decided, we're not friends anymore.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's been a long time.

School has literally taken over my life. Which isn't a bad thing, but I didn't expect it to be this hard and it's only 2 weeks into it. But, I know what I need to do, and I'll do it.

My feet are so cold. Say bye bye to this weather as we are expecting clear skies and highs in 78-80 starting Wednesday! Damn this weather. It's still supposed to be winter.

Gosh, they're so many movies I want to watch. After all this stress. I'll somehow find a life out there.

Omg, I have a new man in my life. :))) Well, I know its too early in the relationship, but we're doing pretty well so far. He's trying to treat me well. I do have the hardest time understanding him, but it's great. We spend everyday together. I love it. His name is: Human Physiology. And We've got a hell of a lot of work for this relationship to continue.

So Meesh wrote a list about 24 people? And didn't name any names. I did it before, but seeing hers made me wanna do one again, just cause and I have a couple of minutes to kill before I hit the books again. No in particular order.

1. I know what you are going through is difficult, but if you need an ear or shoulder, I'm here.
2. BM! We've grown so close with each other that I feel so bad that I've been so busy with school and work. I miss you though, and i promise we'll see each other soon, I have so much love for you, it's insane.
3. We've grown apart. It's kinda sad.
4. We've started this new friendship and it's going pretty well.
5. I'll admit, I think twice about telling you things because you kinda have a big mouth.
6. I'm not too sure if I should believe what you say or you just tell me these things to please me.
7. I don't know anymore, I'm sorry.
8. You are the biggest shit talker ever. And I can't seem to understand why.
9. I don't care anymore, so stop acting like I do.
10. We were once really close friends and now that's gone.
11. You give the best advice and I'm so glad we are getting closer as each day passes.
12. I love you, dont ever for get that. And if you need anything, I'm here!
13. I don't know what to believe anymore. I try so hard to be the better friend to you, but why? You put little or no effort at all. You were never a true friend to begin with.
14. Thanks for being a great friend.
15. You're a dog. Plain and Simple. I'd never go back.
16. You annoy me.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome back!

It's the 2nd day of school. It's offical, I have no life.

Bye bye social life.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

the dollar spot.

is the place to come up on a lot items. I went to target just to buy a memory card for my new camera, which I had $5.00 off coupon for, and stumbled upon the dollar spot! I came up on two filing folders, post-its, mini highlighters, a paper weight, a note pad, & two mini filing folders for my index cards. If it isn't obivous, I start school soon. And these particular items are just what I needed! I bought notebooks back in September for .50 cents, for a 5 pack 1 subject notebooks @ of course the incredible target. I love it. So in total, with my memory card, I spent $30. (considering that my memory card was $20). I was kid in a toy story and I found the best freakin toys ever! Oh, but don't be fooled, the $1 spot has a section that is all $2.50, for all you baking freaks (aka clariz&jo) they have cookie cutters and lil heart shaped pans for cupcakes, everything heartsy for that damn Valentines Day holiday approaching.

After my AMAZING trip to target, I came home and got ready for brother murs' party. Everything went well with us so, I'm glad! I went to the party with lovely Vanessa Caro and we saw a lot of old faces. It was literally a ND reunion. It was pretty fun. After my eyes disappeared and Vanessa turned into a red pepper, we tapped out.

School starts in one week, I might go back to do the dorms, which is actually on my to do list for tomorrow. I can't stand living in this crazy house, with this crazy family; my annoying but ever so cute nephew, my ever so extremely over-protective and mood-swinging mother, two crazy sisters, a brother, who snores and probably can heard in Hawaii, my very pressuring father & my nagging about washing your own dishes Aunt. Yea, thats a lot of people. Plus, I really want to do well this semester, mind over matter. I thought hard about narrowing down my classes to only T-TH and working on Fridays and Mondays + Weekends. BUT, then I thought cramming all my classes within those days, might mean that tests can be on the same day, yatta yatta yatta, you get my drift?

So, tomorrow is Vanessa's 21st birthday! If you know her or are close with her, you'll probably be at her big bash tomorrow, So I'll see you there.

Gossip girl comes back on tomorrow!

P.S. It's not going be on your time anymore. I'm way over it. When I started to think there was some kind of hope, you go and let me down. But, trust me, I don't get fooled twice.

you know you love me,
xoxo nikki :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

So, everyone wrote down their best/worst or what not of 2008 and since I haven't posted on this for a long time. So I decided in the spirt of the new year, why not take it one day back and write something about the new year. So I stole this from Jamie, half of it, the rest way too long.


Lost a frien​d? ​
I'd say about one or two people

Staye​d singl​e almos​t the whole​ year?​
For the last 4 months I have been.

Had your heart​ broke​n?​
My heart doesn't break, sorry.

Had a stalk​er?​
Hm, I'd hope not.

Were invol​ved in somet​hing you'​ll never​ forge​t?
​i guess.

Visit​ed a diffe​rent count​ry?

Lost somet​hing impor​tant to you?

Got a gift you adore​?​
Oh yess.

Tripp​ed over a coffe​e table​?​
tripped &stubbed my toe. ouch.

Dyed your hair?​
Dyed it, cut it, got blonde hair. It went through a lot this year.

Came close​ to losin​g your life?​
HAH, apparently, I was going to die.

Went to a party​?
Me? party? thats absurd!

Read a great​ book?
​i jumped on that twilight/vampire/edward cullen bandwagon

Done somet​hing you'​ve regre​tted?
actually, just recently, I did something.

Saw one of your favor​ite bands​/​artis​ts live?
Kanye west, lupe, rihanna, & N.E.R.D, tribe (rock the bells), murs, and that guy who wants you to throw your diamond in the air, but he's not a fav.

Did you break​ up with anyon​e?
Yea, things happen.

Did you get anyth​ing for Valen​tine'​s day?
Oh yes, I did.

Did you meet anyon​e speci​al?​
I've met a ton of special people

Did you fall in love?
in & out of it.

Do you like someo​ne right​ now?
Sure, I like you.

Did you meet any new frien​ds this year?
More than you can count on your two hands

Did you disli​ke anyon​e?

Did you make any new enemi​es?
​I wouldn't be surprised.

Did you resol​ve any fight​s?
No, cause it's never my fault. HA

Did you grow apart​ from anyon​e?​
that's what happens when you grow up.

Do you have any regre​ts when it comes​ to your frien​dship​s?​
Not really, you live, you learn, you move on.

2008:​ Your BIRTH​DAY!​

Did you have a party​?
No, I had a all girl dinner at velvet margarita. :)

Did you get any prese​nts?​
Of course.

If so what was the best thing​ you got?
HMMMM, they were all great gifts. :]

2008:​ All about​ YOU

Did you chang​e at all this year?​
Yess, the last couple of months, I did things differently. Go Me!

Did you get your hair cut?
with these split ends, I need a trim every month.

Did you chang​e your style​?​
I'm a bit more classy.

Were you in schoo​l?​
Sure was, in the beginning of last year. HA

Did you get good grade​s?​
Always have.

Did you have a job?

Did you drive​?
Have been for 4 years.

Did you own a car?
Yesss. I have car.

Did anyon​e close​ to you give birth​?​

Would​ you chang​e anyth​ing about​ yours​elf now?
Always room for change.

2008:​ Wrap Up

Was 2008 a good year?​
It was alrrriigghht

Do you think​ 2009 will top 2008?
I already know it will be. '21 in 2009'

2008 was a fun filled year: with lots of love, drama, new relationships,old relationships, changes, the olympics, a new President, A Britney comeback, my very first tapings of ABDC, new phone, and so much more that would take me days to write.

Without the greatest friends I have, I wouldn't have survived this year. So thanks to every single one of you who have made a difference in my life good or bad. I've learned a lot, grown up, and realized the importance in life and everything that comes along with it.

But, now, with the past being the past, I am ready for a new clean slate in 2009. I've got so many plans already that I will fulfill. 21 in 2009!